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  • Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering Russian Academy of Science
    EDBOE RAS was established in 1970 by the Decree № 33-306 of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences (now Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS) in accordance with the Regulation of the State Committee on Science & Technology of Council of Ministers USSR.

  • Shirshov's Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences 
    The P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology is the oldest and the largest Russian research center in the field of oceanology. The main objectives of the Institute lie in a complex study of the World Ocean and the Russian seas based on the idea of entirety of physical, chemical, biological and geological processes observed in them, laying scientific foundations for forecasting the Earth’s climate variability, rational use of marine resources and safeguarding ecological security in the interests of stable development of mankind.

  • EvoLogics GmbH
    EvoLogics is a Germany-based high-tech enterprise. It was founded in 2000 by a group of leading international scientists and R&D experts to develop innovative key technologies for the aerospace, maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences.

  • The Laboratoire d'Oc?anographie de Villefranche (LOV)
    The Laboratoire d'Oc?anographie de Villefranche (LOV) is a laboratory that encompasses many disciplines in oceanography that are interested in budgets, processes, and fluxes of material or energy, such that many studies involve multiple disciplines. This implies that our researchers must be knowledgeable of all the disciplines that are fundamental to oceanography (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.), and be able to conduct research at an international level, thus allowing them to participate in multidisciplinary national and international programs. One of the strengths of LOV is the complementary nature of the various disciplines that are represented in-house, which is a characteristic found in large oceanographic institutes around the world.

  • Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona (ICM)
    The Institute belongs to the CSIC's Natural Resources Area and is the largest marine research center in Spain and one of the most important in the Mediterranean region. It is entirely devoted to the study of oceans and seas.

  • Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR)
    Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR) is a national research institution (non-profit governmental corporation) established in 1967 with the mission of generating knowledge for sustainable use and protection of Israel's marine, coastal and freshwater resources. IOLR conducts scientific research in the fields of oceanography, limnology, mariculture and marine biotechnology.

  • The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences of Eilat (IUI)
    The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat (IUI) evolved from the H. Steinitz Marine Biology Laboratory (MBL) established by the Hebrew University in 1968. Over a decade of intensive activities in the Red Sea followed, in which pioneering surveys and research in all marine sciences disciplines were performed in the eastern Sinai shores and related deep sea. Such activities, including extensive teaching programs, were carried out in cooperation with scientists from Tel-Aviv and Bar-Ilan Universities.