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Aqualog profiler specifications

Moored profiling carrier Aqualog

Speed 0.1-0.3 m/s

Total profiling distance 1

800 km

Depth range 5-800 m

Ocean current up to

0.8 m/s

Maximum ±5 N


±1 N

Battery pack Standard housing Extended housing




Alkaline D-size batteries 60 pcs 960 Wh 72 pcs 1050 Wh
Lithium D-size batteries 2 60 pcs 2760 Wh 72 pcs 3310 Wh
Voltage 8.5 – 13.5 VDC
Peak pulse electric current 6 А
Current at sleeping  mode 0.1 mA

Turning on/off

By magnetic switch or as preprogrammed

Indication of the status LED on the cowling
Programming GUI for MS Windows XP, Vista, 7
Typical measurements  
Parameters  Pressure, salinity, temperature, ocean current speed and direction 3, inclination, heading, acoustic backscattering strength
Vertical resolution 4  
  • pressure, salinity, temperature
0.05-0.15 m
  • velocity
0.6-1.8 m
  • acoustic backscatter
0.6-1.8 m
  • pressure
0.04% of the range
  • temperature
0.002 °C
  • salinity  
0.002 psu
  • velocity
1% of measured val. ± 0.5 cm/s
  • acoustic backscatter

0.45 dB

Oceanographic sensors and probes integrated at the profiler
Salinity, temperature and depth:
  • TRDI Citadel CTD ES - SBE 19plus CTD
  • RBR XR-620 CTD - SBE 49 CTD
  • Idronaut Ocean Seven 316plus CTD - SBE 52 MP CTD
Dissolved oxygen:
  • AANDERAA fast oxygen optode 4330F
  • SBE 43F sensor (with SBE 52 MP CTD or SBE 19plus CTD)
  • Idronaut Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (with Ocean Seven 316plus CTD)
Acidification and redox:
  • SBE 27 pH/Redox sensor
  • Idronaut pH sensor (with Ocean Seven 316plus CTD)
  • Idronaut ORP sensor (with Ocean Seven 316plus CTD)
  • Satlantic SeaFET pH sensor
Fluorescence and turbidity:
  • Seapoint Turbidity Meter & Fluorometers (Chlorophyll, Fluorescein, Rhodamine, UV)
  • Wet Lab FLBBCD Triplet for chlorophyll, backscatter, CDOM
  • Turner SCUFA fluorometer
Ocean current and acoustic backscatter:
  • Nortek Aquadopp current meter
  • ТRDI Doppler Volume Sampler
  • AQUAScat1000 acoustic backscatter meter
  • Satlantic SUNA Deep Wiper nitrate sensor
  • SubChem APNA inorganic nitrate, phosphate, silicate, Fe(II) probe
  • SBE IMM inductive modem with cable coupler for the plastic coated steel wire
  • Benthos ATM 885 acoustic modem
  • Evologics S2CR acoustic modem
Dimensions 5 1.4 х 0.35 х 0.65 m
Weight in air (no sensors) 5 Approx. 69 kg



Without certain sensors consuming higher battery power; with extended pack of lithium batteries; in still waters
Measurement cell distance off sensor head  ~0.35–1.85 m
Depends on the profiling speed and types of the sensors
Subject to change without notice